Put Your Butt In My Condom

So it is quite impossible to actually place your butt into a condom, but not necessarily with the new design by Jiang Qian. His unique design is a play on the condom. Thus making this product much more interesting and allows the person wearing it to let their personality come to life. The condom pendent allows the user to put out their cigarette butt in the condom shaped design, instead of throwing it on the ground. Once they are near a trash bin, the butt can then be discarded. So not only are you wearing a very distinctive design around your neck, but you are also showing your respect for our world.

Designer: Qian Jiang


  • Long Tran says:

    Damn chain smokers will need a whole mess of them!

  • Akram says:

    didn’t got the idea behind this ????

  • Christine says:

    Things to consider:
    Not everyone is a smoker.
    Not every smoker is mother nature loving environmentalist.
    Not every mother nature loving environmentalist would wear a condom around their neck.
    Your target users for this “product” are VERY limited.

    Even if you love the world and all the greens, you’re not going to hold a half-inch piece of cigarette butt in a condom on your chest around with you while you search for a garbage. I’m sure anyone would rather save the trouble and throw it on the ground.

    • David says:

      I disagree. I am an occasional smoker and actually have several similar portable ashtrays that I use when I am out walking around (mostly walking the dog.) I am very offended by the fact that cigarette butts discarded on the ground seem to have a design flaw which makes them non-biodegradable. I dislike seeing butts everywhere that simply sit there for years or until someone finally picks them up. Until cigarette manufacturers are held accountable for their waste products, there is a need for products of this design. This particular design might not appeal to all; that is why there are many other designs available. Your dismissal of ALL smokers as being too troubled to care about the environment is irresponsible on your part.

    • Kyle says:

      Ha, so true.

      While I understand the whole pocket ashtray fad, I can’t understand where you would use one. I have never been in a situation where I would use one as bins in the UK now all have ashtrays as a part of their design. I make a point of always binning my “butts” (as you call them) using these. If that fails I just stub it out on my shoe or other other surface and use a conventional bin.

      The idea of carrying a fag end around your neck is absolutely vile, the smell for a start would be horrendous and it would look intensely odd. If that wasn’t enough why anyone would want to do so in a container shaped like a condom of all things is utterly beyond comprehension. This is by far the worst design I have seen on this website.

      • Mert Can says:

        Agree about bad smell and being nico-social with butts but thats not the worst design, at least i’m trying to say there always an idea behing these things, no matter how transparent materials we use or renders we show sometimes its “far behind”. this ones’ idea is far behind the smokescreen.

        But still, why a smoker would carry his/her butt ashtary by wearing it around the neck and chainsmokers would seem like hardcore-dead-smelling gigolos? if we were in 1980s or 70s, yeah this idea can be accepted in some pop-art or plastic etc.

        but i think its 2009 (though the entry of the design.. sorry “idea” was 2008.)

  • Eponymous says:

    The design is too crass. No one’s going to want to walk around with a plastic condom around their neck, with a cigarette in it. You’d look strange.

    They should drop the condom aesthetic. Make it look more like a beaker.

  • Tom says:

    NEXT PART… Dildo on Neck 🙂

  • trimtab21 says:

    this is soooo wrong on soooo many levels

  • Adam says:

    If people wanted to show their respect for our world I would suggest they stop smoking.

  • Wow! The cupcakes look fabulous! I really wish I lived in VT!

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