Symbolic Reminder to Global Warming

The “Heat” wall thermometer was designed as a symbolic reminder to the reality of global warming and the effects it has on our environment, especially our daily drinking water needs. Using a magnifying glass that marks the now not so exceptional 35-40 degree Celsius temperature area of the thermometer, it symbolically shows the viewer the common, yet undesirable increase in temperatures that are having a deep and worrying effect on our global drinking water supplies. We (as well as all living creatures) must have drinking water to survive; yet with the rise in temperatures, the drinking water levels are increasingly lower than ever before. HEAT makes a direct connection between both the ambient temperature and accordingly, the appropriate DAILY fresh drinking water needs in liters emphasizing on the ever growing daily water needs in order to compensate for the rise in temperature. Keeping the environment in mind, HEAT wall thermometer is made of recycled wood.

Designer: Cherif Morsi