Cohda, Creating Design From Rubbish

A new and innovative event has just taken place in the UK as part of the Design Council’s festival. The event was created by Richard Liddle of Cohda design and ran from the 20-28 of October. As the event began, onlookers saw very little-only machinery and open space. As members of the public brought in their trash which consisted of mainly plastics, a great change was witnessed by all. Sustainable plastic designs were being born from the public’s recycled rubbish. The event from Cohda became the life of the festival. On the last day of the festival, winners were picked randomly to take home pieces of the designs.

Designer: Cohda Studio


  • Angel says:

    It is so interesting to me, whether it is a convenient tone? I mean for sitting

  • very unique but is it strong enough to sit on it..

  • very unique but is it strong enough to sit on it..

    • anon says:

      i know a guy that works at the firm and i was at the launch event. They are ok for a while but they kept cracking due to the cold i think and the fact that they don’t have any leg supports

      • Jeff Wright says:

        I was @ the event as well and it was amazing to see the waste being turned back into something useful. I believe that all of the pieces where created as bespoke pieces. I didn’t see any cracked pieces? But as they where all unique they all had a unique feel. I did see a piece that didn’t have much structure, so it was shredded back down by Choda and turned back into a more durable piece. That’s sustainability!

  • good work !! gratulations !

  • good work !! gratulations !

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