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Seaside Periscope - Public Restroom by Adam Wiercinski

The Prettiest Potty Ever!

The “Seaside Periscope” just goes to show that even a restroom, yes… a restroom, can be an architectural masterpiece! Set in Gydnia, overlooking the Baltic Sea,…

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RheinRing Cologne by Marco Hemmerling
 & Stefan Polonyi

Ring Around the River

Located between two major bridges at the Rhine Carée, a significant public urban space of Cologne, the RheinRing represents the new center & links the two…

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Urban Skyfarm by Aprilli Design Studio

High-rise Hydroponic Farm

Aprilli Design Studio’s Urban SkyFarm is a living machine, helping improve environmental quality by filtering water & air, providing edible greens & producing renewable energy. Dense…

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Propagate Tower by YuHao Liu & Rui Wu

Carbon Assimilating Structure

The Propagate Tower explores carbon-capturing technology that would allow harmful greenhouse gases to be converted into usable building materials! It starts as a simple vertical scaffold…

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The Blossom Tower by RAFT Architects

The Blossom Tower

Kuala Lumpur’s Menara Bunga Raya was designed for “people, profit & planet” – reflecting an emerging awareness that our most visible buildings must deliver value beyond…

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Launchspire - Architecture by Henry Smith, Adam Woodward, Paul Attkins

City in a Skyscraper

Launchspire is a radical re-interpretation not just of modern architecture, but of the airport and aviation in general. An electromagnetic vertical accelerator, using technological principles developed…