This Tiny Home Is Tinier Than Most Tiny Homes & Inspired By Japanese Space-Saving Styling

French firm Baluchon is known for its elegant, well-designed, and functional tiny homes that look super adorable on the outside while managing to be ingenious and efficient on the inside. And their latest model dubbed Bonzai is no exception! In a world where tiny homes are reigning supreme, the Bonzai is a smartly designed and lovely-looking little entrant. And trust me, this tiny home is quite little, even by tiny home standards. Measuring only 4.5 meters, the Bonzai tiny home is equipped with Japanese-inspired styling both internally and externally. Its compact and diminutive size also signifies that it is quite portable, and a space-saving structure.

Designer: Baluchon

Based on a double-axle trailer, the Bonzai tiny home is finished in a warm red cedar, accentuated by an aluminum roof, and spruce inside. The insulation for the home is a mixture of linen, hemp, and cotton, and there’s also a handy ladder attached to the exterior to offer quick access to the compact-sized rooftop deck. If you’re still unable to grasp the tininess of Bonzai, then you may like to know that it is half the length of a conventional North American tiny house, for example, the Raven – check it out for some perspective!

The entry point of the home is into the bathroom which is quite simple and amped with basic amenities such as a toilet and a shower. Adjacent to the bathroom is the kitchen, which is also quite compact, and equipped with a sink, a two-burner stove unit, and a fridge. Although, it is commendable that the kitchen has more storage space than anticipated for a small kitchen such as this. It also contains a pantry drawer and a pull-out table. The tiny home includes only one other room which can be entered via a shoji-style sliding door, and this room functions as a multipurpose living room and includes a generous amount of storage such as underfloor drawers and overhead lockers.

The room also includes a drop-down dining table, a wood-burning stove, and some shelving. A unique feature of the home is a home cinema setup with a soundbar, projector, and pull-down screen that makes a great space for some cozy movie nights. Sadly, there is no bedroom in the Bonzai, and nor does it accommodate a bed. This can be quite inconvenient. However, the owner rolls out a futon on the floor when he’s ready for bed.