This Tiny Cabin Is Built Using Borrowed Materials, And Isnt Designed To Last Long

Called the Stable Stack tiny home, this unique tiny cabin/hotel room by Dutch studio Overtreders W is a unique and unconventional one. In a world, where tiny homes seem to be following a certain pattern, and catering to a particular niche now, the Stable Stack cabin is refreshing and unusual. The studio used borrowed materials to build the entire structure, securing it together with straps, which entails that the building can be dismantled when needed, with the materials being returned to the owners in a good state.

Designer: Overtreders W

Stable Stack was commissioned to the studio by Veen Huis Hotel in the Netherlands, and it is one of the seven innovative cabins available for guests to book for a night. The cabin is 2 x 2 meters, while its roof is 4 x 7 meters. It doesn’t have a proper concrete foundation but is elevated above the ground on a concrete pillar.

“Being largely unfamiliar with the area, we roamed through Veenhuizen in search of materials for a potential structure,” explained the firm. “Soon enough, we could conclude that Veenhuizen is fertile ground for more than just its soil. Within an hour, we had gathered enough construction materials, and this first excursion resulted in Stable Stack, a structure made with locally harvested materials.”

The studio borrowed wood for carpenter Peter Kroes, while the roof tiles were taken from the yard of the Riedstra farm. All the building materials were fastened with tie-down straps, to ensure they could be returned in one piece to the owners. The borrowed materials can return their value and be given back without any change. The colored tie-down straps used to fasten the materials, have a decorative purpose as well, adding pops of color to the structure.

The interior of the cabin is quite simple and subtle, and it contains only one room. The room includes shutters that control the natural light, as well as stairs that lead to a double bed. The cabin doesn’t have any electricity or a bathroom, which seems to be quite inconvenient, however, we presume guests will be able to utilize the hotel’s facilities. The Stable Stack cabin isn’t designed to be a full-time abode, and it is constructed for novelty purposes, and to highlight how simple materials can do a lot when given to the correct people.