Fence Parking

Now here is a pretty clever idea that can actually be utilized. Most sidewalks have a neat metal fence, so how about integrating slots in such a way that they double up as a secure parking for cycles! Two-in-one solution that takes care of parking and fences; awesome!

Bicycle Fence is a 2013 iF Design award – concept design entry.

Designers: Hyupsung University Students

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  • Ben Nash says:

    The swing arms would not need need a latch and would always return home if the hinge was at the top.

  • Jack D says:

    Good idea for cyclists, bad idea for pedestrians. How much space is taken up by parking a bike sideways. Maybe there are some places that are pedestrian traffic only where it would work but still I would be annoyed if i couldn’t walk or stand close the edge of a bridge overlooking a river because that’s where all the bikes are parked. Catch22, love the integration not a fan of the implementation.

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Why complicate the fence? Perpendicular parking could be done without moving parts. Angled parking could be made possible if every other fence slit is angled. I’m guessing constructing a fence with moving parts like this is *way* more costly than fixed parts, not to mention fragile and succeptible to vandalism…

  • Travis says:

    Bad idea for cyclists too. Great in theory but not very practical. Most cyclists use U-locks and this lock is not compatible. Additionally only the front wheel could be locked so if someone has quick release wheels a bike could be stolen in two seconds. Also this type of rack could easily bend someone’s wheel and leave the user stranded.

  • Newcastle Ben says:

    Right…. totally impractical, bikes are kept away from sidewalks and pedestrian points of view for a reason, on your visual you are taking up at least half the pathway and blocking a pedestrian point of view look out, your mechanical proposition has the chance of mechanical failure and maintenance up keep, will this be a council responsibility with costs transfered to the tax payer? also with a whole host of bike locks your design does not cater for the many, Just a really poor idea.

  • Darrick says:

    This is the most clever design concept for fence with a dual purpose. Awesome, Might I suggest making the part that drops to catch the tire a two piece system so that when the bike is retained that you still have fence to protect from small children getting through the opening.
    Thanks it is beautiful though.

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