Introducing, the disposable car!

The “carDboard” concept vehicle is a militantly minimal coupe with no door, no dashboard, no hard roof, & it only comes in one color (so you’d better like brown!). The chassis & body are composed of entirely of recycled cardboard & plastic, making it extremely lightweight & efficient with its small tri-hybrid gas/compressed-air/electric engine. Its projected top speed would reach somewhere around 70MPH, but it’s better suited for just a quick zip around town. Just try to avoid rain & puddles!

Designer: Thierry Dumaine


  • mif991 says:

    So its a throw away vehicle. cool. What would be the projected cost for the consumer? and will it come with a 30 day warranty? But I know, this was a project to study a minimal, recyclable, clean energy vehicle. Well done.

  • Adam Malone says:

    This is completely not feasible. Unfounded stuff like this shouldn’t even be posted to this site, really.

  • Christopher says:

    This is what you get when arts students pretend to be engineers.

    Having designs like this discredits designs on this site that DO have merit.

  • John says:

    Imagine crashing a this car, both vehicles going maybe 45mph, one with a steel frame, and one MADE OF CARDBOARD. This isn’t just impractical, it’s just stupid.

  • Notch Johnson says:

    Where do you dispose of it afterwards…and another thing…are the buyers suppose to put it together ??? most people cant put together furniture from IKEA or Wal Mart

  • Marco says:

    I like the idea. Looks like you can reuse the chassis and have a new car. Maybe the cardboard isn’t the best choice, but worthwhile experimenting with it. Using it the right way could make it stronger than you might expect.

  • Bart says:

    totally crap


    Whilst cardboard shouldn’t be dismissed as a viable crash worthy material (cardboard bicycle helmets exist), it is NOT ideal for vehicles!

    There is a reason why safety is a priority and why vehicle engineers choose the materials that they do in chassis and body design; rigidity, longevity, optimal crumple zones.

    There are common everyday products that need to be challenged, but some things are best left to experts when safety is a priority.

  • Mickey says:

    Dear Thierry… please think before you try to design something…This idea lacks every aspects of design… its not creative… just stupid in every point. The shape miss the original function of a car body, it is not protecting the drivers against anything, and not because of the material… but the usage of this fantastic material…the folding is imagined, lacks durability and statical solutions, impregnation, protective layers… etc. I could write dozen of pages about it…

  • -anonymous- says:

    Well, at least it came with a disclaimer, “Just try to avoid rain & puddles!”. Not for global consumption, for those living in tropical countries, this is NOT a good design.

  • thdu says:

    woaw, I see that there are real and serious designer on this site … ๐Ÿ˜‰
    but this design was chosen by :

    Chris Chapman, Chief Designer, Hyundai America Technical Center
    Dave Marek, Division Director Advanced Design, Honda R&D-Americas
    Chuck Pelly, Founder, Designworks USA, The LA Design Challenge, and The Design Academy
    Rich Plavetich, General Manager, Nissan Design America
    Frank Saucedo, Director, General Motors Advanced Design Studio
    Freeman Thomas, Director, Strategic Design, Ford Motor Company
    Geoff Wardle, Director of Mobility, Industrial Design, Art Center College of Design

    sorry …


  • try4 says:

    just because you can do some computer renderings does not make you a designer. As an art project, great job, truly. But this never should have made an ID blog site because as far as ID goes, it’s entirely infuriating. It doesn’t seem to solve a single issue with today’s cars.. in fact it only creates entirely new ones, and to an endless degree it would seem. Not a single part of this is based in reality, logic, or feasibility. Art is meant to make people think (which this does), design is about having already thought it through.

  • morgan says:

    i’m noticing those are few and far between. this site seems to be rife with “loook at me” design masturbation. I bet it’s a good way to get noticed though.

  • Madeline says:

    Is there a car for ten year olds

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