The Outdoor Kitchen

N1 Kitchen System is intended for the outdoors but can be fitted into a compact home. The whole unit just shuts-shop and fits into a storage container for easy transportation. The kitchen features the three basic elements – the sink and prep area, the storage unit and the stove system; keeping it really simple and bare.


  • Designed within the kitchen’s prep area is a self-proportioning cutting board that visually divides the board’s surface, up to 6 times, and weighs each division for equal portions.
  • Inspired by x-rays, the storage system uses smart glass to visually reveal food quantities.
  • As food is consumed the surface’s opacity changes.
  • The stove system gets rid of knobs that may break in the outdoors and uses the turning of the stove’s pot to change the temperature.
  • As the pot turns and aligns with the different stove’s burners, it changes the temperature from boiling water to low, medium and high.
  • The stove’s burner has a groove, which the pot turns in to avoid being knocked around in the outdoors and to maintain efficiency.

Designers: Kyle Thacker, Sarah Fung, Maxine Kim, Paul Methot, Xavier Yee & Jesse Kim

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