Illuminating Memory Pins

Love the ambient effect these ‘Light Up Your Memories’ drawing pin conjure. I can imagine them being handed out as party favors, or being conversation starters. Moreover they do the job of highlighting a particular picture or note quite effectively!

Here is how it works, “Along with the light-up pins, the system incorporates a pin-up board of insulating cork, aluminum, and acrylic (for ease of mounting). The sandwiched aluminum panel is charged with an electric current, which lights up the drawing pin when contact is made. Only the pin’s stem is able to conduct electricity; its head is non-conducting. A switch on the board controls power provision and intensity.”

Light Up Your Memories is a 2011 red dot design concept winner.

Designers: Hwang Youn Ha, Kim Min Jeong, Cha Yoon Suk & Kim Yong Ha