Iris – My Kinda Tablet

The era of Tablet PC is upon us and it’s kinda mesmerizing to see the kind of functions and features you can pack into the device. For instance the Iris Tablet PC is a transparent touchpad with an OLED display. It uses wireless charging technology, can scan documents, translates texts and can work as an efficient navigator. The coolest two apps is how you can use it for planning interior designing using AR and split the screen up for shared use. The kind of concept that I look forward to!

Designers: Liu-Wei, Yao Kai-Chi, Hong Ruei-Hong & Cheng Ya-Fang

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    • Samson says:

      These pictures are from many different devices. Just like the Iphone was a combination of many different and innovative things so this “tablet” is an artists idea of the future. Just like the Iphone it will take a many skilled programmers and one innovative genius to make it a reality, a reality that will carry into the hearts of many generations.

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