The Enchanted Ceiling

I should have paid more attention to astronomy when it was being taught in school; it’s a shame that I learnt the constellations off the Internet. I am determined to make sure my children learn to marvel the treasures in the sky. One way to do this is with the Stella, a concept camera plus projector combo. On a starry night you simply capture the mesmerizing skies and the project it to your bedroom ceiling. Awesome way to learn about the starts!

Designers: Seung-Kwon Kim, Seung-Ju Kim & Zhong-fa Lie


  • Autumn says:

    This would be amazing. <3

  • mellow says:

    nice concept. fresh!

  • omid says:


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    How can I be notified of their prices.
    How can they be purchased.
    Please notify me via email please

  • The Jackson says:

    Very fantastic project and impossible project. To get aquainted with this theme, you should look through modern home planetariums that are available for sale. They offer a far better range of night sky in far better quality.

  • Paul Vans says:

    I cant see this catching on to be honest, it will be interesting for a bit like a telescope then get put in the cupboard never to see stars again.

  • Brandi says:

    I go to and can not find any links to buy this amazing device. Does anyone have a direct link? I would greatly appreciate it

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