The Halo lets you see all!

Humans have peripheral vision. This means we see everything within a 120 degree span. The tragedy of the head-mounted lamp is that it never considered that. Even today, most lamps have a focused spotlight, illuminating only a tiny circular zone, instead of the entire area.

The One80 Halo Lamp is a clever headlamp that acts as an area-light and illuminates a wide area instead of just a focused spot. A temple-to-temple strip of powerful white LEDs do a marvelous job of not just illuminating the entire field of vision, but illuminating it brightly too. The One80 Halo lamp is perfect for not just industrial work, but even night-time adventure activities. A small Lithium Ion battery powers the LED strip for two hours and can be easily charged via MicroUSB. Plus, I just personally love the way it makes you look like a celestial being with a bright ring of light around your forehead! I wonder why no one I thought of this before!

Designer: Ammon Arave

Buy It Here: $49.00