One Heavy Phone!

Hello high definition. Four awesome designers bring you an HD cellular / mobile phone with a lovely shape, a flat screen with the highest definition, and most excellently, a fabulous presentation. This is the “Gravity Series” phone concept and it “offers HD technology within the dimensions of your pocket.” Of course, if you’ve got those pants that have the notebook sized pockets, it might be better to go with that, but this one is lighter, despite the title of this post.

This line of telephone will allow for upgradeable components, plug em in and plug em out, switch em how you please. There’ll be full expandability allowing for perfect usability. Your personal needs fulfilled by an open market and a uniquely shaped telephone.

I mean look at it! It has that extra bar on there. It must do something fantastic! I bet it lets you play some fantastic games. And that side view? That is just sensual. I bet it’s a dream to hold.

Designers: Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth, Toni Weichselbraun, and Max Salesse

Gravity Phone by Lukas Doenz, Joachim Kornauth, Toni Weichselbraun, and Max Salesse



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