One Robot Passenger

I don’t know if you know it, but today I got in a car accident. I’m not kidding. For real. In real life, I got in a car accident today. I ran a stop sign like an idiot, not paying attention, like a fool who needed to be separated from his car. Lucky for everyone, noone was hurt. My car may be totalled, but everyone is totally alright. That’s all you’ve got to know about that besides this: you know what would have been helpful? A robot helper. You know what designer Derek Chik Kin Ng has? A car that’s robot compliant, and yes, a robot who fits right there in the seat.

You can sit this robot right down in there, a little robot helper for you to ride with. This project goes by the name “Humanoid Robot.” This robot it built to be an autonomous type of machine, one that adapts and learns, and also one that’s meant to help it’s master, you, the human.

This robot is 120cm in height (similar to that of a 7 year old child), and works not only to assist its human friend in driving, but also in social life. For example, the robot tells you the news you’d like to know as it happens, like which one of your non-robot-owning friends just got in an accident because they forgot what a stop sign was for. But it doesn’t just have the ability to warn you, nay, this robot can drive for you if you’re totally busy with your cell phone. When you go grocery shopping, it can carry your bags. When you move from one house to another, this robot can help you pack.

And the car, it’s powered by fuel-cell technology, an ecological vision with 2+ heads at all times.

Now – take a look at these images. This gallery you’re about to see below is all also made by D.C.K.N., the designer of this project. He’s got some fantastic talent in illustration too, I’m tellin ya.

Designer: Derek Chik Kin Ng

Humanoid Robot by Derek Chik Kin Ng












  • mif991 says:

    Designer has been watching some sci-fi movies lately…but he does have rendering and sketching talents. Car design is not futuristic enough, styling is stuck in the 90’s.

  • Confucius says:

    Strange idea, but Niiiiice presentation.

  • widepers says:

    Good drawings, agree with the prev posters that maybe to much syfy lately (of the ’70s kind). When the great achievements lately are the fact that the robots can stand or climb stairs, I wouldn’t put my life in their hands for a while. Also, why a <> robot? Are we so socially inept that we need a simulacrum of a human friend? I mean, none of the tasks above will actually need a <> robot (the car can drive itself, with sensors and gps, the shopping cart can be automatized as well, the communication can be done using a phone, etc).

  • Alienzexist says:

    hes like an r2d2

  • sunny says:

    I think this is so great !!

  • malla reddy says:

    i want to built humanoid robot plz help

  • malla reddy says:

    i want to built humanoid robot plz help

  • Habibies says:

    Super Duper Car but the Black color is Suite with Sports cars

  • Habibies says:

    Super Duper Car but the Black color is Suite with Sports cars

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