Samsung’s Galaxy Smartwatch just got a makeover with a reimagined tank case shape that curves to match your wrist

Back in 1999, Samsung launched the first-ever phone watch, SPH-WP10 so users could both tell time and make phone calls all from their wristwatches. Raising the bar ever since, Samsung has come out with some of the most stylish and high-tech smartwatches in circulation today. Sticking to the classics, Samsung’s smartwatches are known for their style. Some of Samsung’s Galaxy watches even embrace an analog display to prove a commitment to timekeeping tradition while fostering and delivering the latest electronics of today. Their tried-and-true recipe for building durable smartwatches have led to innovative designs like the fitness-tracking Fit2 and the glitzy, yet elegant 42-mm Rose Gold Galaxy. Introducing their own interpretation of Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch, a California-based group of designers completely redesigned the electronic company’s smartwatch with a new display screen and watch bands.

Opting for a tank case shape for their smartwatch reinterpretation, the team of California-based designers equipped Samsung’s Galaxy smartwatch with a curved, vertical display panel. Curved monitors are quickly taking over flat screens with a deeper immersive viewing experience and fuller screen with more vibrant colors and graphics. The team then conceptualized nine different ideations for their smartwatch straps, since the functionality of a smartwatch relies on customizing its watch bands. With nine lives, the detachable watch face would theoretically be attached to the different watch straps utilizing a lock-in-place method. Each rectangular watch face locks into the different watch bands by either sliding into laser-cut, metal incisions, or slipping into adhesive silicone slots.

As we use our smartwatches for different activities throughout the day, the functionality of the watch is subject to change, and the team of designers behind this concept came prepared. When we’re in the office, counting our steps to pass the time or actually getting our work done, a supple leather watchband gives each wireless watch face a more refined look and softer feel for comfortable wear throughout the workday. Then, some time on the commute to the gym, we can swap out the leather band for an activewear one, suitable for working out or if we know sweat is coming up ahead. The designers’ take on an active watch features a slim, polycarbonate watchband with stainless steel-dipped ends, ensuring a secure bond between the watch face and strap so those workouts can stay long and sweaty. An additional seven watch bands from the team in California were conceptualized for their reimagined Samsung Galaxy smartwatch – scroll through and find your favorite!

Designers: Howard Nuk, Jeffrey Borges Jones, & Sun Son