Coolest Fire Possible

That’s a fire that has no smoke. That’s a fire that has no odor. That’s a fire that burns bio-alcohol to achieve these things at the SAME TIME as providing you with some fabulous heat. And it looks amazing! No smoke, odor, or residue! None at all! You could burn this right in the house, right by your CPU! Do it! Don’t be foolish and put anything flammable in there, obviously, because it DOES burn other things if you make it, I mean, it IS a fire. But work safely and this’ll make you grin profusely! It’s the Apollo Tabletop Fireplace!

All you’ve got to do is fill the tank below the fire up 3/4 full of fuel, slide those lids up on top of it full open, and light it on up with a long handle with fire on the end of it.

Burn time is 3-4 hours. 13.8″ long, 11.0″ high, 4.7″ wide.

And very pretty!

Designer: Wolf Wagner [ Buy it Here, Apollo Tabletop Fireplace is available for $719.00 @ YD Store ]


Apollo Tabletop Fireplace is available for $719.00 @ YD Store

Apollo Tabletop Fireplace by Wolf Wagner


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