Your Light Slightly Hard

Perhaps you’re familiar with the term “Al Dente?” That’s the term used for noodles that are left just a little bit rigid (but not hard!) when being boiled before being used for a fine dish of spaghetti (or plenty of other lovely pastas.) It’s also the name of a fabulous restaurant in Beirut. The design team at .PSLAB BEIRUT were asked to do the lighting for this “Al Dente” restaurant, and I think you’ll find that it’s absolutely chewy with goodness.

Twig-like metallic fixtures are mounted in groups connecting the entrance to the main hall of the restaurant. The high ceiling of the restaurant has three areas, those being the main central area, a secondary hall from there, and a bar area.

In the bar and secondary hall, brass disks holding light are fixed to the ceiling by means of metal rod, while the entire arena’s light both encapsulates and enhances the environment.

Hard and soft!


Lighting for Al Dente Restaurant in Beirut Lebanon by .PSLAB BEIRUT