Ten Way To Get Your Fix – Coffee Machines & Kettles

As the winter sets in, more of us are going to be downing the liquid gold, just to keep out the chills. Coffee! A warm mug to curl your hands around, just as you watch the first snowflakes hit the ground. Here are Ten ways to get your fix; machines, coffee sets and kettles. I like mine instant coffee with milk and strong; how about you?

10) Birch-wood Coffee Set by Andrea Branzi

Ten Way To Get Your Fix – Coffee Machines & Kettles

Kicking off this countdown is an elegant silver and birch-wood coffee set designed by Andrea Branzi. Made from silver dipped in acid to get the rustic look, the set is quite a collector’s item.

9) Muji Non-directional Coffee Maker by Kazushige Miyake


I don’t get what a “Non-directional Coffee Maker” is, but I’m willing to hear your opinion on it.

8 ) Kahva by Lina Fischer


Technically Kavha is the Kashmiri way of preparing tea, with saffron and cardamom; so it quite surprises me that a coffee maker has been christened thus. Any ways the Kahva is a beautiful way to brew your coffee.

7) The Barista by Patrik Pettersson


Perfect solution for multiple coffee addicts in an office, this machine dispenses many cups of coffee at one go.

6) Coffee Maker by Tom Metcalfe


This one’s for the serious brewers who go to any lengths for their cuppa java! I love the video in this post, do re-visit and check it out.

5) Cocoon by Jan König


Made of twin-spherical bowls, in the Cacoon, the water is heated via induction in the outer sphere and a pump in the handhold transports the warm water to the filter and finally the ready coffee drips into the inner sphere. The resulting cavity (where the water was before) between the both spheres, now serves as a natural insulator and keeps the coffee warm.

4) Nespresso by Jeremy Myrier


A service tray that doubles up as coffee warmers! I can pictures us warming our hands over it!

3) Enjoy It While Flying by Balazs Millete & Telekes Tamas


Enjoy It While Flying is a concept brewer of Nespresso that is to be enjoyed abord your private aircraft, as you jetset from one glam destination to another. Strictly for those with the moola; Plebs please endure the airline trash you get.

2) Pearl by Andreas Diefenbach


This Ceramic Coffee machine is refined with a gilded touch, and is quite an exquisite creation.

1) Untitled by Brice Genre Hanika Perez


Thanks to its thermo-sensitivity, artistic patterns appear on the surface of this coffee machine when hot water runs through it. Almost like have an art piece hanging up on the wall.

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    • iisai says:

      “Non-directional Coffee Maker” – the easy way to make coffee! You need water and grinded coffee. Press the button and only minutes later you got coffee for the whole family and all your guests! one of these u’ll find in almost every Swedish home :)

    • Fantastic review,I have not come across some of these machines, my favourite is the Pearl

    • Beavis Christ says:


    • Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
      It is the little changes that make the biggest changes.

      Thanks a lot for sharing!

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