Three Dee Power Socket

One plug is not enough. In the USA, two is not enough. Everywhere in the world, basically, more power plugs are needed. So what did ArtLeb do? They built it into the plug itself, rather than relying on the ever-present power strip. And it’s got blue on it! And it uses the Art Lebedev logo on it! I’m pretty excited by it. I’m gonna need it in three-prong, please.

Hiding in the wall until the right moment to strike, the Rozetkus sits flat unless more than one plug is needed. And look at the concepting! it goes all over the place! Normally I’m not into building everything all at once into the base product, aka I love extensions. But this is the right stuff.

The right stuff!

Artistic Director: Artemy Lebedev

Art Director: Timur Burbayev

Designer: Anton Schnaider

Industrial Designers: Allan George and Alexei Sharshakov

Modeler: Alexander Pozdeyev

Visualizator: Dmitry Dolgikh