Split Digital Delight

eXcanvas is for those who like taking self portraits and have to depend upon strangers to do them the favor of taking pictures. The camera can be separated into a tripod and sub camera and features a timer function too. I love the sleek way you can strap the camera on your wrist and click pictures; very convenient!

Designer: Junyoung Jang


  • Alex says:

    sooooo, when and where can i buy this? =] oh, and the price of this will be? lol

  • r0mann says:

    It would have been nicer if the lens can be adjusted, so that when you wear it, you don’t have to adjust the whole unit to take the picture…

  • ramon says:

    good shape

  • The Jackson says:

    So…the whole shape and volume of this camera is actually a tripod and a screen, which leaves the small top part to the actual camera mechanism. I don’t think this is very clever space usage. Oh, and when the camera is mounted on the wrist, as it is on the picture, you won’t see the water flow that clearly, instead half of the screen will be obstructed by user’s hand. I don’t see the point of of strapping it on the hand. I don’t think it will make me take pictures more comfortably. At least not in this solution.

  • Andreas says:

    I don’t think it’s ment to take pictures while having it on your whrist, I think the picture shows that you can watch videos/pictures on your arm, and the “attaching-it-to-you’re-whrist”-part would be somewhat practical, istead of having it in your pocket, or risk dropping it. In this way you could watch your pictures/movies right away on the bus home or while in a gas-balloon or something. Still, it’s safe to say it’s not clever space usage..I also think the silverpart’s functions could somehow be integrated in the other part, maybe with a more slinky stand. Maybe the lins could have an extraction function so that you could actually take pictures while having it on your whrist.

  • Doubt me says:

    design looks like Casio mobile phone,
    Name branding sounds similar to LG Xcanvas TV

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