This Sign Speaks

Like the name suggests, the Smart Sign Language Interpreter is a convenient device that allows hearing-impaired people to communicate with those who are can hear, using sign language. Apparently, Sign Language is the first language learned by hearing-impaired people and as a wristband device it makes use of an EMG sensor, a gyro sensor, and a distance sensor to decode hand signs. How awesome!

  • Small distance sensors are applied to the tips of the user’s fingernails.
  • When a hearing-impaired person uses signs to communicate to a non-hearing-impaired person (who can not use sign language), the signs are tracked, converted into voice or text data, and sent to the recipient’s smartphone.
  • The device also contains speakers that can transmit the voice data directly.
  • When a non-hearing-impaired person speaks to a hearing-impaired person, their voice is converted into text by the device, and displayed on its built-in screen.
  • The text can be converted into signing diagrams.

Designers: Jeon Sung-Su, Ku Ja-Yun & Lee Seo-Young


  • Hey can you provide me more details on this? i have some more bigger plans on this! it has much more potential than just helping dumb people! it can change the world if handled well and directed where it is really destined too!
    Can you also give me the contact of a designer of this?

  • Once you get people comfortable with you and they know you
    are not going to go off half cocked, they tend to let you go,” he says,
    with a laugh.

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