What the Pho?

What is Pho? Pho is food. Pho is: “Phở (fuh) n.Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup. Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner.” Find out more from, where else, Pho Fever! Now that you know what’s up, you’ve also got to know that our head editor Long Tran is master of Pho. Pho master Long has allowed his approval of this particular Pho design befo’ it’s even in his hands! That means it’s Photastic.

Omid sadri has designed a Pho tableware set just for the making and serving of Pho. Inspired by the form of a classical Vietnamese lantern, the bowl set here is designed to “simplify and enrich” the experience of the famous Vietnamese dish.

The bowl set makes the entire Pho dish easy to carry, then creates a unique experience by revealing the dish layer by layer.

My stomach agrees with this design.

Designer: Omid Sadri

Pho Tableware by Omid sadri 02

Pho Tableware by Omid sadri 01

Pho Tableware by Omid sadri 05

Pho Tableware by Omid sadri 03

Pho Tableware by Omid sadri 04

Pho Tableware by Omid sadri 06

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