Frame Your Life!

This! Is! Your! Frame life! In this new concept by Cho hyung suk, you too can get a new frame for your life! As seen in these two fabulously new concept bits for furniture, the Frame Sofa and the Frame Table, you too can get your life totally framed up! Remember these three easy-to-remember numbers: 740, 890, and 200! That’s all you’ve got to know! For the win!

See the table. See the chair. Notice anything similar? It’s that frame! What better way to make a nice home interior that’s all tied together than to use that one simple building block, that one thing that makes everything related to everything else? Frame it up!

Made specifically for boards of directors to look really awesome sitting in.

Frame sofa: 740*890*640(H)
Frame table: 740*890*200(H)
Material: sts steel pipe, fabric

Designer: Cho hyung suk


Frame Sofa and Table by Cho hyung suk