Sustainable wireless power bank is also a compact mirror in disguise

Our smartphones have become more powerful and more sophisticated, but the batteries that power them haven’t really changed much in the past decade or so. They have grown larger, yes, but most of the improvements in battery life come from making other hardware more power-efficient instead. Sooner or later, you’ll have to reach for a charger, which is why many people carry power banks with them when they’re often on the go. That means having yet another thing in your bag that doesn’t serve any purpose except in an emergency. Multifunctional products are on the rise these days, so this particular power bank design combines a useful mobile device with a common lifestyle accessory and wraps it in an eco-friendly package.

Designer: Lenny Ming Lo

Checking yourself in front of a mirror is less about vanity and more about respect for others and yourself. You don’t always have to look like you stepped out of a parlor, though some would definitely prefer that, but you will probably want to look decent and at your best to help give yourself a confidence boost. For some people, checking themselves doesn’t just happen in front of a bathroom mirror, which is why compact mirrors have become a common item in some people’s bags, especially for ladies.

Mica is a lifestyle accessory that binds this item with yet another common thing in people’s bags these days: a small power bank to charge their phones in a pinch. You simply put down a compatible smartphone on its flat surface to begin charging, though you can also opt to charge via a USB cable if your phone doesn’t support wireless charging yet. Flipping the charger open reveals two mirrors on both sides, one with 3x magnification and the other with an LED light strip running around it.

More than just combining functions, however, Mica was thoughtfully designed to take inspiration from everyday objects. In particular, it looked at the basic form of bowls whose design hasn’t changed drastically over millennia. When folded shut, Mica looks like two flat bowls stacked on top of each other, giving it not only an interesting shape but also adding to its comfort of use and ergonomics.

Mica was also designed with sustainability in mind, which is a rather surprising detail that might be easily lost on buyers. Most compact mirrors and power banks employ a lot of non-sustainable materials, so it’s a surprise this product uses 80% recyclable plastic to help reduce its carbon footprint. It’s not exactly a ground-breaking new product, but Mica’s combination of two common items and its sustainability focus make it a unique and desirable accessory to have in your bag.