There Is No Shame In Asking For Directions

My family travels a lot by car and I think I have seen more than half of my country on my numerous road trips. Mostly all the journeys go on without any hitch, except when we have to stop and ask for directions. Look, I’m willing to be reasonable about a man and his ego regards to asking for directions in your HOME CITY, but in a strange town! Come on man, pull over at the curb and ask someone for DIRECTIONS, you’ll get to the destination faster! Noooo? Then the GPS PathQuest it is!

A double-screen display unit with E-Ink for conserving battery power! Pocket-sized and discreet, the PathQuest relies on Google Maps for navigation.

Come on women on YD; tell me I’m right about this male ego and directions thingie…
Share your story with me!

Designer: Kyle Fleischhacker

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    • Lamah says:

      Two points:

      – Why is it so freaking thick? Look at what the iPhone achieves with Google Maps on the go.

      – How is it useful to have the map spread across two bizarrely shaped screens that hardly intersect at all and have a huge vertical offset? There’s no way I’ll be able to follow a coherent route across that gap.

    • creative says:

      lemah is right. Why those shapes?

    • mark says:

      Poor craft and poor planning. No thought put toward battery size, LCD board size, hinges.

      Also, the grammar and wording used for the explanation is awful

    • matt says:

      e-ink is definitely an afterthought in my mind. it can’t show those colors and detail like you have just cut and pasted Mapquest on there.

      and they definitely look monumentally too thick

      • Lamah says:

        Actually a grayscale E-Ink display with detail like that is already available and being used today. Color E-Ink is “just around the corner” if you believe the marketing. Here’s the latest from E Ink corporation:

        It’s certainly nowhere near as implausible as most of the designs on Yanko. That doesn’t save this terrible design, of course!

        I can’t see any provision for front-lighting for the display, so you had better get lost at daytime.

    • MadCow says:

      well my guess is it is suppose to look like an analog compass that flips open. but everybody is right here… form follows function not the other way around, theres a reason why a compass is round, there is a reason why lcd screens are square or rectangular… for the benefit of the doubt, i hope this is a 1st/2nd year project.

    • MadCow says:

      well my guess is it is suppose to look like an analog compass that flips open. but everybody is right here… form follows function not the other way around, theres a reason why a compass is round, there is a reason why lcd screens are square or rectangular… for the benefit of the doubt, i hope this is a 1st/2nd year project.
      Ooops, should have mentioned great post! Waiting for your next post!

    • Carl says:

      shockingly bad in every sence. ergonomics, market research, aesthetics. i trust this is a freshman’s work?

      • Henrique Staino says:

        The question is not if it’s a freshman’s work. It is: “What the heck is this crap doing here? Why has it been reviewed?”

        • Carl says:

          fair point, who is to decide what passes through and what does not.? how do you measure a well presented good idea against a badly presented good idea? however this is a badly presented bad idea!

    • Brian says:

      Ha… I live near the roads shown on the map!

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