Projectors Galore

Projectors, projectors, here and there, projectors, projectors, projecting on everywhere. According to Gareth Marples, the first conceptual drawing of a projector was done in 1420 by Johannes de Fontana: a drawing of a monk with a lamp projecting a vision of a devil holding a lance. Truly a lovely first ideation it was. In this post we use two brand new concept projectors, top prize winners at a recent Philips design competition, to open the door to Yanko’s full collection of projector concepts.

These first two concepts are called the “Sail” and the “Spy Box,” both by Marek Wenglorz. They are both very similar, one sitting on it’s side, the other sitting upright, both rather tame examples of projectors compared to the rest of Yanko’s wild-eyed designers design concepts. Collect them all!

Designer: Various

The following is the rest of the Yanko collection of projector or projector related concepts. This is not the full collection, it is but a simple sampling. For the entire projector-related collection of Yanko design concepts, simple search projector in the search box. Light on!

Mac Funamizu’s iAcqua iPhone Dock brings the spill of photos on full tap.

SnowCorn by Mac Funamizu has an extremely strange name, but allows you to turn your entire world into one big… well… screen.

Mobile Projector Phone by Eun-Young Kim takes the idea of a cellphone projector and keeps it cool.

E-Pod by Eun Seok Huh basically makes your iPhone, iPod, iWhatever into a giant.

iShow by Moti Barzilay takes the iWhatever and matches it with projection, creating the simplest projector to have an Apple stamp.

De-Light Mini LED Projector by David Koo makes projection blue, cool, and LED too!

B-membrane Laptop/Desktop Hybrid by Won-Seok Lee is the largest concept, memory-wise, as it’s not just a middle-man between your mobile and a big image, it’s everything at once.

Notice any themes? Project your mind into comments.