The SanSui Humidifier Combines Form, Function, and Emotion

Most products strive to be aesthetic and functional. The SanSui does both, but also has an elegance and flair to it that goes beyond being aesthetic and functional. It looks good, performs well, but ultimately, soothes one’s soul too.

A simple humidifier and aromatherapy diffuser, the SanSui comes with a hollow wooden box and slits on top, much like a toaster. Sitting within its hollow space is a diorama in felt. The felt diorama (a depiction of Mt. Fuji and some clouds) floats when you pour water into the wooden box through the slits. As the day passes by, the water gets absorbed by the pieces of felt, and released into the air, acting as a natural humidifier. The water level gradually drops over time, and the mountain and clouds descend back into the wooden box.

The SanSui (Japanese for Mountain and Water) is a functional sculptural piece that emits moisture into the air with a poetic beauty that’s unparalleled. The mountain and clouds rise from above the surface as you pour water into the reservoir, and gradually descend into the hollow space through the day, letting you know that the reservoir needs refilling. A simple device inspired by Zen practices, the SanSui calms the mind with its simple yet exquisite design. Working as a natural humidifier, the SanSui can even be used as an aromatherapy device by simply adding a few drops of essential oil into the water. As the water evaporates, the oils get absorbed by the felt and diffused into the air, making your room look great, while completely transforming the atmosphere and making it peaceful and more relaxing.

Designers: Xiaoxi Shi & Moe

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SanSui is inspired and designed with the rules of dynamic physics and utilizing absorption and evaporation to create an elegant humidifier and aroma diffuser to add some zen to any home or office space.


To Use:

Simply fill the SanSui reservoir with water, secure the felt silhouette slides onto the foam float, place the SanSui lid on top.



Then add a few drops of essential oils as needed. It is also designed as a modern ornamental piece to be appreciated as traditional culture is creatively integrated into a modern living environment.

Inspired by: Simplicity in chaos


Zen: When their team traveled to Japan in 2016, they had the opportunity to discover Zen in depth. They were inspired by Zen’s interpretation of life balance and to have dynamic in peace and simplicity in chaos. Zen philosophy inspires them as designers to discover simple solutions for today’s chaos; they want to focus on most obvious and important thing: Air.


Air: Human have been trying to make “suitable” air for thousands of years. We want to cool air down when it gets hot. We want to be warmed when it is cold. Today, we also want to have air with more moisture to comfort us.


Chaos: Our lifestyle today is surrounded by so many technologies that make life convenient but at the same time creates chaos because most of devices need to be connected by a cable. This small cable has actually restricted our life dynamic much more than we think as we start to spend more time nearby a power plug than anywhere else at home. They wanted to design a humidifier that can be used anywhere we wanted to be.


Design solution: As a design team, they spent the last 2 years observing lifestyle and developed many concepts and prototypes for a beautiful and simple humidifier solution. SanSui is the result of 2 years of research and development: a creative humidifier and aroma diffuser that can be placed in any space you like, fully powered by natural physics, regardless of the space restrictions.

Bonsai with Function


Besides functioning as humidifier and aroma diffuser, SanSui is also designed as a beautiful home decorative piece, a contemporary Bonsai with peaceful functionality.

Modern Craftsmanship


The wooden reservoir and lid are beautifully crafted from one piece of solid wood and polished to create a sleek surface.


The natural wood growing ring texture in the wood makes every single piece unique. It is coated with a high quality and food product level clear coating to protect the wood from water and moisture.


Click here to Buy Now: $35.00 $50.00 (30% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!