Fat Before a Visit to the Loo, Skinny After

You know they say you’re a few pounds lighter after a seated visit to the loo, it’s true. Designer Haikun Deng designed a toilet seat with a built-in digital scale but her rationale behind its conception is a bit counter productive. It’s designed for women who are constantly monitoring their weight. The need to feel skinny is satisfied every time they finish the “doo.”

I have 2 concerns. Should we really be designing products to reinforce people’s self doubts and esteem problems? Secondly I thought you could only get an accurate weight reading standing up or completely suspended.

Actually I just thought of a 3rd concern. The protagonist in Haikun’s illustrations is clearly skinny. She shouldn’t be worried about being fat. See, SEE what the media is doing to us! Now excuse me while I go on a food binge.

Designer: Haikun Deng

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