FlipChair Really Does Flip

Not by itself of course. You have to do it yourself but what’s interesting here is that it can be used as a chair or chaise lounge. The design is a bit weird with that heeled foot. They should have taken it a step further and lined the interior frame with rawhide and wood to triple as a cat nook.

Designer: Boris Novachi Bojic


  • PARANDROID says:

    Your design can always bring surprises for me.

  • In response to parandroid’s remark i wanted to question you is this your own individual work ? The chair appears like a bed.

  • Alexandar Stefanovic says:

    Ovakve ideje i lice na Borisa…, estetika i funkcionalnost dele prvo mesto na listi prioriteta pri njegovom dizajniranju… Pozdrav za Borisa od Saleta iz stana broj 5, cija se majka oblaci notama za knjizevno vece…

  • Orlando Fernandez says:

    How your price

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