iFreeze, You Freeze, We All Freeze for iFreeze

iFreeze is a chair designed by Jitrin Jintaprecha that is based on an Arctic iceberg. With a light hidden in the arm rests, sitting in the iFreeze will give you a sense of calmness and “coolness” while imagining sitting atop an iceberg. The seat cushion and pillows are covered in Pasaya, a unique textile used in Thailand. iFreeze was selected as “2005 Hot One Hundred” by ELLE Decoration Thailand.

Designer: Jitrin Jintaprecha


  • enoo says:

    I really like the shape – even if it doesn’t really remind me of an iceberg, it looks great.

    What I don’t like is the name, I’m really tired of iThis and iThat. But well, as it seems to be a design from 2005, maybe there wasn’t so much iThings at that time.

  • Brian says:

    I could do without the lamp inside but otherwise it’s an interesting form. I’d wonder what a outdoor version would be like…

  • mini says:

    where a switch for open lighting…..??????

  • cha0tic says:

    Rubbish design. The arms aren’t flat. Where am I going to rest my drink and the remote? 🙂

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