Car Enthusiats Now Frugal with Water

Water conservation is still one of the easiest ways to save energy (yes energy!) and preserve our planet. Fresh water only accounts for 3% of all water on Earth but 1% of it is frozen so in that sense, it’s quite rare. The +Shifter faucet uses the perception of a car’s gearbox to change how much water we use. Instead of changing gear ratios, each position correlates to how much water flows out.

The design is sleek and minimal, somewhat reminiscent of a luxury sports car. Everything from the brushed black metal to the copper faceplate screams “I’m expensive!” However designer Shen Di doesn’t mention how it controls temperature. Inquiring minds would like to know.

Designer: Shen Di


  • Iskender says:

    That is awsome! I like it

  • trimtab21 says:

    keeping the shifter deck area clean is likely going to be a problem. it seems like an over complicated solution to a simple problem of adjusting water flow. The temperature control is a mystery. I am not wild about the copper – it is a high maintenance finish and coordinating with other finishes in the area is problematic.

  • Ekove says:

    looks AWESOME. Sure is gonna be hard as hell to clean. Temperature control is missing?

    The concept is nice and the design is beautiful be still needs to be developed.

  • Eric says:

    My biggest gripe would have been temperature, but the fact I can’t swivel the faucet at all really takes the cake for me! Maybe a Porsche store can sell them, but don’t call up Kohler…

  • henoc says:

    i love it awsome

  • Ekove says:

    I think another point is that it’s designed for a specific sink shape, which is extremely uncommon. And it might be hard if not impossible to use in another sink.

    Sure the form can always be changed, but would he come up with a form that is as cool?

  • winnie says:

    i love it!not be so harsh for a water faucet

  • mik says:

    so cool.

  • Carl says:

    would suit a live alone tosser.

  • food-town says:

    if you cannot afford a car, you can afford this,haha

  • saeid says:

    realy good

  • Stuart says:

    this is very beautiful, but i dont think it is handy.

  • hanz says:

    i think its nice and ok. i mean, eventhough its a complicated machine, and the maintenance is high because of the brass finishings, etc, i think anyone who can buy this kind of faucet can easily as well maintain it…my point is, if you can buy a very luxurious car, obviously your the person who can also afford to maintain it.

  • nawal alosaimi says:

    Does anyone know where I can get one of these?

  • sky says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • GrinningKestrel says:

    Wow, nice render. Was that done in Maya? Because it looks like it’s normal mapped, bu there’s a bit of aliasing… Oh.

    Oh yeah, gear-shift faucet. That’s what this is about. Cool. <.<

  • marc_with_a_c says:

    working for a faucet company I see enough busted ones I would hate to think how many would break with this setup. “Umm sorry I guess I shifted a bit hard and busted the handle off” Thanks. You probably have a #3 sticker on your geo huh…

  • E says:

    And how is the temperature of the water to be controlled with this?

  • puspitadewi says:

    Its really cool..
    Where can I get a faucet like that?

  • stefan says:


  • Mohammad Morassa says:


  • pinny halpern says:

    best idea in faucets in years! also likely to promote water saving

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