Thirty-Point Art Furniture for Children

You all remember the ironing board that folds up into the closet, the seat that flattens into a painting, and the bathtub that doubles as an eggchair. Well, little Barry and little Michelle wanted some forward-thinking design ingenuity for themselves! My Deer are the wall herd that double as kid-size stools!

Fun-loving designer of this deer-like stool Jeroen Wesselink reports the following: “My Deer, a stylish and refreshing stool, available in a multitude of colours. If you don’t need it, hang it upside down on a wall hook and presto, it changes into a colourful, sleekly stylized deer head. Ideal for public spaces, where the seats can be transformed into a decorative gaily-coloured herd on the wall in just a wink. A transformation has never been this easy!”

These could be a new tool for day-care centers and kindergartens: My Deer, adding a strange and excellent element to “clean-up time” for everybody, everywhere! For more furniture that turns into wall decor, click the “Furniture” tag in the upper-left corner of this post. They’re everywhere!

Designer: Jeroen Wesselink

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