A full-sized yet pocket-sized blanket!

Literally the size of a handkerchief when folded, this bad-boy becomes a literal full sized blanket big enough for two (or to fit one person comfortably, if you’re Rose from Titanic). Designed by Chris Clearman who realized sometimes picnics are impromptu things and it helps to have a spread to sit on if you’re ever around beautiful greenery, the Matador expands to almost fifteen times its size, going from just 3×2 inches when folded to 44×28 inches when opened out!

Designed to be lightweight, the blanket weighs a mere 98 grams and comes with tent stake loops to keep the blanket grounded on a windy day. The Matador is made out of a water-proof, puncture resistant nylon weave, making it absolutely great for any kind of outdoors. However, its speciality is the stitched pattern that guides you through the folding process so you can get it back to 3×2 inches in an absolute jiffy. Accompanied with a storage sleeve that you slip right around the bundled blanket, the Matador can even be used as a keychain, thanks to the handy loop around its sleeve! Perfect for everyone from the camper to the festival goer to the impromptu wanderlust!

Designer: Chris Clearman