Energy Mate Converts Consumption into Sense

Green People rejoice! Stuart Sharples’ designed the Energy Mate system, making it simple to convert the energy you spent in your home into pounds and pence! Simply clip or screw on the four different energy sensors and read the output on your hand-held screen!

Retro-fitted goodness.

Designer Stuart Sharples makes it irresistible to be green: “The EnergyMate system wirelessly monitors the gas, water and electricity usage within the home in real-time, allowing the user to take control of their energy consumption. An array of sensors around the home collect the usage information and transmit it to the display unit, where it is converted into meaningful figures such as pounds and carbon output. The system has been designed to be retro-fitted with ease in any domestic property.

“The display unit features a large colour touchscreen to display the energy consumption graphically and as figures. The appliance sensor monitors the electricity usage of any product plugged into it, and wirelessly sends the data to the display unit. The lighting sensors fit between the light socket and bulb to track the electricity consumption of a lighting throughout the home. The ultrasonic sensor is designed to monitor gas or water flow inside pipes. The heat sensor fits to radiators using in-built magnets. An infrared sensor monitors the heat and transmits the data to the display.”

Seems almost too simple. You can bet your butt that if this were widely available that not only would they sell to the environmental and energy-saving people, but to everyone wanting to save cash by simply being conscious about the most simple things in the house! Being able to see the actual cost of the energy would be a huge jolt to the pants of penny pinchers everywhere!

Designer: Stuart Sharples