A Humble Grand?

A Humble Grand?

From the 50 coats high gloss paint to the 5000 seat auditoriums they occupy, there’s nothing intimate or understated about a grand piano. A concerto on a keyboard or upright however will earn you little respect. At the recent Milan design week, designer Yves Plattard and Yamaha showcased a unique concept called “key between you” that aimed to create a more intimate environment for performances by bringing the musician and the audience together.

0 Designer: Yves Plattard

Champagne Poppin' For Everyone

Champagne Poppin’ For Everyone

Look it’s all about me me me. I don’t want to stand in the back. I want to be center front. I want to be a star. So why is it only one person gets to experience that “oooOo” moment when opening a champagne bottle? Everyone circles around as they hear the distinctive “pop” of cork freeing itself from glass. Why can’t everyone experience this moment?

0 Designer: Baptiste Mathieu

Splash Lounge Chair. Go Ahead, Dive In.

Splash Lounge Chair. Go Ahead, Dive In.

Ever look at macro photos of water splashes or super slow mo’ video of a droplet slamming into the surface sending ripples across a lake? There’s a moment in that 1/10 of a second when the impact creates a crater or sorts, as if you were small enough, it could neatly cup you. Inspired designer Michael Wendel created a 1/8th scale model called the Splash Lounge Chair, big enough for us to sit in.

0 Designer: Michael L. Wendel

Welcome to the Old Social...

Welcome to the Old Social…

Time was a person would simply pick up the phone to update grandma on all the happenings. If you wanted to share a picture with her, you would write a letter and mail her one. I know, I know, not going to happen. So let’s just throw some money at the issue and find a way to use technology to keep the old people from feeling unloved and abandoned.

0 Designer: Ben Arent