Welcome to the Old Social…

Time was a person would simply pick up the phone to update grandma on all the happenings. If you wanted to share a picture with her, you would write a letter and mail her one. I know, I know, not going to happen. So let’s just throw some money at the issue and find a way to use technology to keep the old people from feeling unloved and abandoned. The “Jive” by Ben Arent is a unique way to allow the grandparents to peek into the wondrous and magical world of social networking. By placing “Friend Passes” to the “Jive’s” “Betty”, the elderly can forgo using a mouse and computer and instead use this multi-pieced, single purpose system that my grandmother would try to make toast with. I really appreciate the intent to simplify ways to keep families connected, but I am still scratching my head on this one.

Designer: Ben Arent

One Plug Router is a new design of router that was designed to give simple ADSL internet access into the homes of the users who were gong to use the system. The prices of the internet is free and is supported by a targeted 50+ advertising platform.

A friend pass is the key to getting the whole system to work. Individual buy and registers a friends pass to their digital live at jive.benarent.co.uk. This system will aggregate all of one persons digital life into one place. The jive service shall also allow for custom disclosure filters depending upon who you plan on giving the friend pass to.

‘Betty’ is the communication device itself. This unit has been designed to live outside the office, and has been designed to have a simple learning curve so a user can pick up the basic functions without having to understand the current complex interactions of digital products.

‘Betty’ makes simple functions simple by using a tangible user interface, this means if you want to do send a message to person, you just place that person onto one of the 3 points of betty. This tangible interface makes it simple to send a message to any contact that you have been given.