The Ambient Machine is a quirky speaker that lets you fill the silence of your home with calming sounds

Imagine replacing the mundane sounds of daily life with a symphony of soothing ambient music. Sound artist Yuri Suzuki, in collaboration with acclaimed musician Cornelius (Keigo Oyamada), has made this possible with The Ambient Machine – Cornelius Edition, a groundbreaking creation for Japanese furniture label E&Y. This innovative device is designed to enrich home environments through the power of customizable ambient music, offering users a unique way to transform everyday noise into calming sonic landscapes.

Designer: Cornelius and Yuri Suzuki

The Ambient Machine – Cornelius Edition takes Suzuki’s original design and enhances it with eight unique sound sources crafted by Cornelius. From delicate sine waves to dynamic electronic sounds, this device transforms everyday noises into a rich auditory tapestry. Its vibrant orange hue symbolizes its dual role as both a functional device and a musical instrument, capturing the essence of creativity and warmth. This thoughtful design choice highlights its ability to blend seamlessly into any home while adding a touch of artistic flair.

Since 2020, the global shift towards spending more time indoors has heightened our awareness of the various sounds that fill our living spaces. Recognizing this, Suzuki’s creation provides a much-needed auditory escape. It replaces intrusive noises with customizable ambient music, offering a serene atmosphere tailored to personal preferences. The device features four adjustable functions—play/stop, volume up/down, reverb on/off, and BPM fast/slow—tailored for each of its eight sound sources. These include acoustic instruments and expansive soundscapes, ensuring a diverse range of auditory experiences.

This edition offers a virtually limitless array of musical compositions. Its tactile and intuitive interface encourages users to experiment and personalize their soundscapes, making the act of listening a dynamic and engaging experience. This hands-on approach transforms your environment, allowing you to curate soundscapes that suit your mood and preferences. By engaging with the device’s controls, users can explore an endless variety of sound combinations, fostering creativity and mindfulness.

The machine enriches Suzuki’s original design with Cornelius’s distinctive sound sources, offering a versatile solution for enhancing home environments. By replacing everyday noises with customizable ambient music, users can transform their auditory surroundings, making time spent indoors more pleasant and immersive. Whether used as a background ambiance during work or as a focal point for relaxation, this device seamlessly integrates into daily life.