The Flexo are portable wireless chargers that you can carry around with you!

Designed to be as portable as the gadgets you carry around with you, Flexo provides juice to all your wirelessly charging smart-equipment. Fitting within the venn-intersection between EDC and Consumer Electronic Accessories, the Flexo come in three styles, and can charge anywhere from one to three separate devices.

The smallest Flexo comes with a single-charger setup, and is roughly the size of an earpods case. Designed to be pocket-friendly, the small Flexo is perfect for juicing your earpods, watch, or smartphone up for a few hours, extending your battery life and productivity just enough to get you through the day with no problems. Step its size up and you’ve got a regular Flexo, that can simultaneously charge two gadgets at a time. Its size increment makes it less pocket friendly no doubt, but it also gives you more battery capacity (split between two modules) to work with. By far the most functional Flexo however, is the three-part charger, that not only works when laid down like a mat (letting you charge three gadgets simultaneously), but also folds up like a prop-stand, thanks to magnets that hold it in place, allowing you to charge your phone standing up diagonally like most traditional chargers. Perfect for carrying around in a bag, the large Flexo gives you the convenience of three separate wireless power-banks that come together to form a charging-dock that you can practically carry around with you! Which one would you pick?

Designer: Michał Szczególski