Berry Berry Delicious!


OTOTO’s designs just simply warm the heart! They have the most beautiful, adorable, yet supreme kitchen, bath, and desktop accessories you’ll ever see and when you do see them, you won’t be able to stop that smile!

The Mon Cherry (even the name’s just too adorbs!) spoon sets are sure to be the most delightful little item in your baking kit. This set of four measuring spoons come in a rich red fruity avatar. Designed to look like a bunch of differently sized cherries, these little spoons are actually perfect for measuring out ingredients while baking. Vibrant colors mean they’ll never get lost or misplaced (they’re also conveniently bundled by a plastic ring too), and they come with a leaf that doubles up as an egg yolk separator! How amazing is that! Perfect for the child in you, or if your house has a masterchef junior!

Designer: Jenny Pokryvailo (OTOTO)