World’s Tiniest 20W Charger fits around your Keychain for Effortless Charging Anywhere

No, it isn’t a car fob. It might look like one, but the MELLO is a fast-charger and honestly, it had me fooled too. Built with a uniquely compact design thanks to the Gallium Nitride semiconductor on the inside, the MELLO holds the title of the sleekest, smallest charging adapter we’ve ever seen. It opens into a plug that works in 180+ countries and fast-charges all your devices at speeds of up to 20W. Oh, don’t worry, it has its own USB-C cable too, integrated into its design to look like a classy leatherette lanyard.

Designer: Mello Power

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Never did I expect to see chargers become EDC (everyday carry) but here we are. Our lives are filled with tonnes of tech devices, and they all need power. However, carrying a pair of AirPods seems easy, but carrying a charger around wherever you go can be quite the hassle. They’re cumbersome, have cables that get tangled, and the adapters of fast chargers aren’t particularly pocket-friendly. Designers focus so much on making main products like phones and TWS earbuds portable/pocketable, that they sometimes forget that the accessories might need to be portable or pocketable too. The MELLO, to that end, is a start to a tech movement that should hopefully pick up. It’s the most portable charger you’ll ever carry, with a design that fits in your pocket, clasps to your belt loop or handbag, and blends right into your aesthetic as a stylish accessory rather than a tech charger.

Type-C port

20W GaN Charging

At first glance, the MELLO looks like the fob of a luxury car, with a chrome rim, a leather-textured fascia, a leatherette lanyard, and a carabiner clip. Flip it over, however, and you’ve got a fold-out plug that comes in a variety of styles, suiting the socket designs of 180+ countries. On the base of the chrome rim is a USB-C port, and the MELLO comes with a leather lanyard that opens out into a USB-C to USB-C cable, allowing you to quickly go from stylish accessory to charging apparatus in under a minute. Plug the charger and use it to juice any of your USB-C compatible devices (phones, earbuds, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, etc.), and when you’re done, fold the charging pins in and tuck the MELLO away either in your pocket or attach it back to your belt loop or bag strap using the carabiner clip and you’re done. The charger effectively becomes a fashion statement again, allowing you to go about your day.

What makes the MELLO so impressive is its internals. Most fast-chargers today (or at least the ones you get with your phones) use silicon-carbide semiconductors, which are ideal for transmitting energy, but end up making your charging adapters massive and even cause them to heat up. The tech industry has, for the past few years, begun shifting instead to GaN or Gallium Nitride, a material that’s much more power-efficient than its predecessor. The MELLO comes equipped with GaN on the inside, which allows it to be so tiny, while still being able to output a whopping 20W.

That 20W is honestly perfect for most regular devices. It should easily fast-charge any phone or TWS earbud, having you go from 0% to a healthy battery in well under an hour. The charging cable/lanyard included with the MELLO supports fast charging too, giving you the benefit of plugging in anywhere to ensure your gadgets remain juiced through the day.

The MELLO is impressive for how tiny it is. It fits comfortably in your palm, weighing a mere 28 grams or under an ounce. You can choose between 5 color variants (you’ll get a color-matching USB-C charging cable too), as well as from 4 different plug designs based on what works in your country.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $119 (50% off). Hurry, only 21/1340 left! Raised over $393,000.