A Healthy Cat, Is a Happy Cat

Monitoring every aspect of our pet’s health is no easy feat… just keeping up with our four-legged friends can be a challenge in itself! However, you can tell a lot about a cat’s health from their intake of water, as changes in this can be warning signs for certain diseases. Existing water bowls may bring with them a series of additional health risks, such as scale deposition and hair sediment accumulation.

These problems have been eradicated with the rather ingenious TailTalk water dispenser! The built-in water purification system allows for the continues flow and circulation of water, eliminating water scale build-up, whilst four layers of filter remove any large particles from the water. All of this occurs whilst the Intelligent Water Quantity Monitoring System simultaneously tracks the intake of water; a gravity sensor that’s housed within the base of the device monitors the water volume, which is then clearly displayed on the side of the product!

Designer: Rice Mak