‘Catvas’ Scratching Pad Transforms Your Cat’s Scratching into Abstract Wall Art

From a human’s perspective, the scratching behavior of cats is often regarded as destructive. Cats are naturally inclined to scratch almost anything they can see, from fabric sofas and leather seats to stereos, leading to frustration among pet owners. However, what if we could view this behavior from a different perspective? Catvas invites us to re-examine this norm, encouraging reflection on the evolving relationship between humans and their companion animals.

Designer: Livelyhood Ltd.

For cats, scratching is more than just a habit; it is essential for maintaining their well-being. Scratching helps cats remove the outer layer of their nails, vent their emotions, and leave pheromones. These pheromones create a sense of territory and emotional connection with their environment. As these pheromones accumulate, cats develop a stronger emotional bond with the objects they scratch.

Many cat owners cherish various cat-related objects, from cat hair to toys. However, scratching boards are often overlooked as they are typically viewed as consumables. Catvas challenges this perception by transforming the idea of “consumables” into “artwork,” fulfilling people’s desire to collect and preserve meaningful artifacts from their pets.

This scratching board revolutionizes the concept of scratching by transforming it from a ‘destructive’ act into a ‘creative’ process. This innovative product offers both cats and their owners the opportunity to co-create their living spaces. The specially designed double-layered fabric of Catvas gradually reveals a unique, painting-like effect as cats scratch. These replaced fabric scratching panels are no longer discarded as waste; instead, they become artistic memorials, preserving the traces of the cat’s life in a visually captivating manner.

The L-shaped structure of Catvas is designed to fit the natural stretching habits of cats, while the removable double-layered fabric panel allows for easy replacement. As the cat scratches, the underlying fabric is exposed, creating a unique visual effect reminiscent of a painting. These customized panels can be framed and used as home decorations, adding a personalized artistic touch to the living space. With pride, you can tell your guests “My cat made that”.

It is constructed from mostly recyclable materials, including wood, aluminum, and fabric made from old cloth and mycorrhiza. Its manufacturing-friendly design features easy-to-assemble components, significantly reducing packaging costs and waste during transport. The specially designed multi-layered fabric has a thinner top layer, making it easier for cats to scratch and reveal the underlying art.