This pedal-powered exerciser is your portable power bank for blackouts

We are living in a vulnerable world where a disaster can strike at any time, without the slightest warning. While power outages as a result of damage to equipment, failure at the end of the provider, or some fault at home are common; outages because of disasters are still rare. In spite of this, governments globally are advising citizens to take simple steps to prepare for power emergencies. To help you through different types of blackouts, the HR Bank is made to provide power independence at any given time and space.

This portable power bank ensures continuous energy at home with comfort and security that you can trust with your family. The versatile power storage device is imagined to store power from almost every possible – renewal or non-renewal – source. The device stores excess energy in its internal 2kWh battery from solar panels and wind turbines and then helps power your home, appliance, and more during blackouts.

Designer: Lukas Avenas

The most interesting part about thee HR Bank is its human-powered ability. When the external energy source is unavailable, the user can pedal this power bank like an exercise bike to generate clean power. With its ability to double up as an exerciser, the HR Bank promotes fitness and can also become a dynamic workstation in minutes using an optional table contraption.

The HR Bank thus functions as a large power bank that can store energy from external power sources or generate its own electricity through pedaling. Through workout, while working on your system, you can generate 50-500 Wh of energy to power your smartphones, laptops or other devices. This robust and customizable power bank cum exerciser can keep you fit and power a smartphone to full charge on 15 minutes of pedaling, while pedaling it for one hour straight can generate enough power to juice up a laptop.

The body of the HR Bank is made of aluminum (for its durability, versatility, and infinite recyclability properties) and it features an electric motor by Tukas EV. Other materials comprising the pedals, saddle, and handlebar are made from birch plywood, vegan leather, and natural leather. The entire HR Bank is highly adjustable so people of all heights can use it by adjusting the saddle, handlebar, or pedal position to their liking. With the handlebars and saddle removed, this power bank cum exerciser can pack up into a size of regular luggage for easy storage or transportation.