Keychron B1 Pro: Ultra-Thin Wireless Keyboard for Minimalists on the Go

It may not have the mechanical joy that the Lofree EDGE offered as the world’s slimmest mechanical keyboard, but the Keychron B1 Pro does offer an incredibly slim design that’s portable enough to slide right into your backpack. Boasting a minimal aesthetic bundled within a portable design, the B1 Pro is an ultra-slim wireless keyboard that comes with a whopping 1200 battery life and a rather commendable $39.99 price tag.

Designer: Keychron

The B1 Pro deviates from Keychron’s usual mechanical keyboards by opting for scissor-switch keys, similar to those found on laptops. This design keeps the profile incredibly thin, measuring just 5.2mm at the front and reaching a maximum height of 14.5mm. It’s incredibly lightweight too, at only 425g, making it a perfect companion for tossing in your bag and working from anywhere.

Despite its slim profile, the B1 Pro doesn’t compromise on performance. With a 1000Hz polling rate on the 2.4GHz wireless connection, you can expect smooth and responsive typing. It also offers Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity, allowing you to seamlessly pair it with multiple devices. This is also accompanied by a battery life of a staggering 1200 hours on a single charge. Translated to real-world use, that translates to roughly 8 months of typing for 5 hours a day – a near elimination of charging woes.

The keyboard has a Mac layout while remaining functional with Windows and Linux. It even features the same multimedia and function key functions as Apple keyboards, providing a familiar experience for Mac users with the added benefit of a more comfortable typing experience thanks to the scissor-switch keys. For added comfort during extended typing sessions, the B1 Pro features a 3.2-degree tilt angle and concave keycaps designed to improve accuracy. It even comes with a dedicated emoji shortcut key and a protective silicone keycap cover for increased durability.

The B1 Pro supports ZMK firmware, allowing users to program keys, macros, and shortcuts directly through a web interface. This eliminates the need for complex software installations and provides a user-friendly way to tailor the keyboard to your specific needs.

At an affordable price point of $39.99, the Keychron B1 Pro offers a compelling combination of portability, functionality, and battery life. Whether you’re a minimalist on the go, a student juggling classes, or someone who simply prefers a low-profile keyboard, the B1 Pro is definitely worth considering.