A DIY Edible Dog Bowl (With Instructions!)


The Edible Dog Bowl is an extra treat for Fido and one less thing for you to clean up! It was originally designed for strays, which are often fed by strangers in plastic containers that end up polluting the environment. Using the EDB, however, there’s no waste. Not only for strays, you can whip up a batch of your own EDBs right at home and take them on the go. They’re easy and convenient to carry without lugging around porcelain or metal dishes. Check out the recipe below!

1. Mold tortellini bread with bowls.
2. Shape and cut the tortellini bread by using the mold.
3. Heat it 150 ‘C 15 min in the oven.
4. Wait min to get dog bowl cold.
5. Save for later or serve!

Designer: Namik Yigit Ildas