Underground Cat Bathroom

Welcome to the modern world, cat, no more pooping above the ground for you. Nay! From now on you have your own room to poo. In through the ceiling you shall go! This fantabulous contraption is known as the “Modcat,” and to the future this cat shall go. The top has an opening through which the cat shall go, and inside this bucket of pleasure the cat shall have just enough room to do the business and exit. From there, it’s just a simple flip and grip and you’re on your way to cleaning!

This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen in cat bathroom technology, and let me tell you, I’ve seen some doozies. I’m totally over the “automatic” cleaning litter boxes, and these flatbeds are giving off a vibe I’ve never been totally comfortable with, even when it sits in the human bathroom all nice. Nay! I say there must be change! And this is it. This Modcat brings your cat to a stylish world where rooftop access is king. Look at this slickness. Lots of pretty colors, too!

Designer: Rich Williams for Modcat for ModProducts

Modcat cat litterbox by Rich Williams