Underground Cat Bathroom

Welcome to the modern world, cat, no more pooping above the ground for you. Nay! From now on you have your own room to poo. In through the ceiling you shall go! This fantabulous contraption is known as the “Modcat,” and to the future this cat shall go. The top has an opening through which the cat shall go, and inside this bucket of pleasure the cat shall have just enough room to do the business and exit. From there, it’s just a simple flip and grip and you’re on your way to cleaning!

This is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen in cat bathroom technology, and let me tell you, I’ve seen some doozies. I’m totally over the “automatic” cleaning litter boxes, and these flatbeds are giving off a vibe I’ve never been totally comfortable with, even when it sits in the human bathroom all nice. Nay! I say there must be change! And this is it. This Modcat brings your cat to a stylish world where rooftop access is king. Look at this slickness. Lots of pretty colors, too!

Designer: Rich Williams for Modcat for ModProducts

Modcat cat litterbox by Rich Williams






  • I don’t get it. It’s a taller litter box with a whole in the top, and a climbing wall?

    It’s probably a better idea to let cats climb somewhere other than in the poop box, especially if they’re the clumsy kind. And you wouldn’t want them diving down the hole and landing in their poop either.

    I think what would be cool is if in the process of getting back out, the force of the cat’s weight was redirected to move that scooper, open an otherwise closed compartment, and toss the poop in there (like an automatic one, except no electric motors or sensors, just good old fashioned leverage).

    • Irena says:

      Try a LitterRobot, the one catbox that delivers everything it promises, and no, I’m not selling them, just wish I owned stock in that company.

  • Emily says:

    I see no point to this at all.

  • Joseph says:

    My parents used to train their cats to do their business outdoors. Whenever they moved, they used a litter box for a couple of weeks until the cat got used to the neighborhood. Thereafter, the cat went outside, just like the dog. And because cats like to bury the poop in a flowerbed somewhere, there was no evidence anywhere–or smells–from the cat doing its business. Anyone with a liter box in the bathroom has a bathroom that smells like a litter box. Ugh!

    • Irena says:

      Here in Southern California your cat would not live very long outdoors because of all the coyotes, bobcats and other critters that eat cats and other small animals. Also if you have a longhaired cat it would not look very nice within a very short time. This ModCat is a waste of time, just a covered litter box with a top entry. Some cats won’t use a covered box and some cats would have a hard time getting in and out of there, probably stepping into the mess left at a previous visit. I’ve tried every litter box on the market and find the LitterRobot to be the only one that does everything it promises and the bathroom does NOT smell of cat litter box. The LitterRobot dumps with gravity and there are hardly any moving parts at all and their warranty is fantastic, so is their customer service. With fewer moving parts less can go wrong. Once a week I empty the drawer and even in the hottest weather there is no smell and I have four cats.

  • transbrown says:

    I am in the process of moving into a fabulous mid-century modern home. Unfortunately, our tried and true litter box arrangement next to our washer/dryer combi won't work in this place. So I needed a solution where the cat box would have to be in plain sight – in other words not too ugly on the eye. The Modkat box fits the mid-century modern style perfectly, but there was no way I would folk over $180 for a new one. Luckily, ebay is offering some “used” display models at half price, i.e., not “pre-used” by other cats. I ordered one hoping that I wouldn't end up with a totally banged up piece of Modkat. Not so. We received a flawless unit. At first, the cats were more interested in the “where cats do their business” outer box. They wouldn't go anywhere near their new “bathroom” and I started to fear that I may have just flushed $90 down the drain for a stylish box of no utility. But since this was not the first time I dealt with litter box changes, I knew what to do: I filled up the Modkat box with semi-smelly old litter and hid the old box away with fresh cat litter, but not to where it would be inaccessible to the cats just in case they absolutely despised the new box and were willing to go through some rigmarole to get to their old box. And what do ya know? I woke up to happy number 1s and 2s in the new box. Who knew how happy I would be about some crap. My 10-year old, 20 lbs cat (Rooftop) jumped in an out of the box as though it were second nature, and my little guy (Jet-ski) just followed suit. All in all, I can't complain. Stylish design, accepted by my cats – at half price. Modkat works for me.

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  • Dean says:

    Here in Hong Kong very few of us have the luxury of letting our cats run out into a garden to poop in a flowerbed, and most of them would be dead in a minute from all the traffic. I’ve tried all the standard litter boxes, including the mechanical ones, but the one that worked best for my cat was the CleverCat litter box (also a top entry box). I can’t find that brand any longer so I’m going to give this one a try. However, what made me wary about giving ModCat my business is that when I wrote to them enquiring about international delivery a month ago they couldn’t take the time to reply…

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