This stainless steel compost bin’s engineered air-flow pattern lets you compost without the stench

What if I told you that a smelly compost bin is a sign that you’re doing it wrong? Composting is all about efficiently breaking down organic matter into nutrients. Certain microbes feed on the organic matter, and with the aid of air (oxygen, rather), break the waste down into nutrient-rich dirt. The key word there, believe it or not, is air. Good aeration allows your waste to dry out properly, enabling the microbes to easily break them down. Bad aeration means your organic matter stays wet and begins rotting instead of decomposing. The result, a terrible odor that’s a sign that your compost isn’t healthy.

Designed and engineered with an efficient airflow pattern that dries out your waste (and gives the microbes the oxygen they need to survive), Kamoro’s Compost Bin makes it easy to culture a healthy batch of compost every single time. It comes with a double-walled construction featuring an outer stainless steel container and an inner plastic bucket. The stainless steel container sports a perforated base that creates an air-flow pattern into the bin, while an activated carbon filter on the top filters the air coming out, minimizing any odors created during the organic breakdown process.

The Kamoro Compost Bin relies on ‘aerobic composting’ to break down your wet-waste. Its engineered airflow pattern allows air to effectively circulate into the bin, maintaining ideal conditions for the microbes. Small enough for most kitchens, the bin comes with a 5L capacity, and a slick design that can easily sit on countertops. The outer stainless steel casing is easy to clean, never rusts, and ensures the product lasts for generations, while the inner plastic bucket holds all your waste matter without requiring any garbage bags. All you need to do is dispose of peels, shells, pulp (nothing too wet) and trimmings into the inner bucket and the Compost Bin gets to work. While the organic matter breaks down, a carbon filter within the lid helps absorb odors (your trimmings may have a slight smell of their own, although aerobic composting doesn’t release any methane gas). When the inner plastic bucket fills up, empty it out (ideally every week) into any secondary vessel and it’ll continue to break down into dry compost over the next few weeks. To ensure that the plastic bucket is clean for your next round of composting, you can either give it a quick rinse or chuck it into the dishwasher. It helps that both the plastic bucket as well as the outer steel chamber have individual handles, making it easy to carry the Kamoro Compost Bin around, creating odor-free and nutrient-rich compost for your kitchen garden and backyard!

Designer: Adrian Moro

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Kamoro Smell-free Kitchen Compost Bin

The Kamoro is a stainless steel compost bin with an integrated smart airflow and charcoal filter in the lid to eliminate odors.

Smart Airflow for Reduced Smell

The airflow system works in the following way: air from your room flows through the holes on the outside of the stainless steel bucket and then goes upwards in between the outside and the inside bucket. Flowing from the top in the inside bucket, it mixes with the inner air and generates a circulation. Warmer air flows up and goes through the active charcoal filter placed in the lid. This prevents any smell from escaping the compost bin.

Simple & Funcional

Easy to assemble. Just put the smaller, inner plastic bin in the outside stainless-steel bin.

With a capacity of 5 liters/170 ounces, this product has an ideal size. When fully filled, the airflow will just be enough to reduce the smell and slow the inside waste from rotting. For easy and convenient transportation, both the outside and the inside bin have handles.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $85 (30% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!