Not Your Average Wheelchair

Parafree is a sleek, minimalist wheelchair that offers a functional, stylish & sporty solution for paraplegics looking for a little extra workout throughout the day. The unique frame structure was designed to compel the paralyzed user to maintain constant balance, encouraging abdominal, back & core muscle training. The interaction of arms & core muscles leads to an upright position & helps reduce orthopedic damage.The Paracore-Element copies the three-dimensional movements of human discogenics. This allows a wider range of interactions. Different designs allow for the foamy element to be covered over with benefits like companion-handlebar, optional back lean or even a small luggage rack.

Designer: Felix Lange


  • Jimmy C says:

    Nicely done!

  • It looks great, but there’s one huge flaw. No wheels/support to prevent someone from tipping backwards. This is really a big problem knowing someone who is confined to a wheelchair. He’s told me of numerous times that he’s fallen backward sometimes even with rear wheels. Even if it’s something that may happen every once in a while, it’s one of the worse possible things that can happen to someone confined to a wheel chair.

  • Felix Lange says:


    You are so right. The full built-up wheelchair contains a flipbackward-protection. You may look at picture 7. Nevertheless thanks for the advice. The reduced PARAFREE is a training machine for paraplegics close to edge of craziness and sportaddiction. Its behaviour should emphzise a “shoe”. Also the Parafree is designed very close to medical guidance (Dr. Roland Thietje, Hamburg) and tailor-made for Marcel Hoffmann (paraplegic since 2004, survivor of car accident). Please watch out the story behind on I am grateful for any constructive advice so far. warm regards and enjoy!

  • MDesigns says:

    Superb renderings and presentation! I hope it can be tested and built affordably for those who need it. Congratulations, it looks like you did your homework Felix.

  • Felix Lange says:

    Thanks. We are looking forward for a future day of producing it. Hopefully someday companies get brave enough to translate concepts like seen on yankodesign.
    But for now, may we watch the prototype v.1 in a video:

  • Grey says:

    If it works as good as suggested, really good job here.

  • Diogo says:

    Hi Felix Lange,
    Congratulations for the design. Superb.

  • ricky says:

    Felix you’ve done some outstanding work here, the level of detail is impressive.

    My biggest concern, coming from my experience designing a sport wheelchair, is the broad spectrum of body and muscle function for wheelchair users. It seems as though your idea only works for wheelchair users with full or almost full use of their body from the waist up, is this correct? I commend you for building a functional prototype, but would love to see some using it in a way other than balancing on the back wheels.

    Your models and presentation are fantastic.

  • Felix Lange says:

    Hey Ricky, you are right it is for paraplegics injured at Th7/Th8 (discogenic grade). May i find time to translate my thesis to english..there everything is explained. Marcel works on its paralyzation and it get better the past years. His injury moved from Th4 down to Th7. He got feelings back into the toes also..There is hope. But this advice i will visualize into the graphic-work! Thanks.. WE WILL FIND A PRODUCER FOR THE PROTOTYPE! Enjoy the website also…

  • E. Ahn says:

    where can I purchase the wheelchair? or tru on? Any dealer in Korea?

  • simon says:

    amazing design Felix, I’m a wheelchair user level L1 spinal injury and would love to try your chair. Is there movement where the seat is connected? I was wondering if the bar where the wheels are joined could have a bit of flex to make the ride more dynamic, with more possibilities in movement.

  • Johnnywalkersaysno says:

    I happen to be in a wheelchair and if you know how to correctly fall backwards theres no problem.

    Plus I rarely, and many others do not use the anti-tippers anyways, as they become in the way when you become comfortable and skilled in your wheelchair.

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