Exclusive LEGO sets depicting Ukraine’s iconic landmarks raise funds for rebuilding the nation

Ukraine is having a long haul with the ongoing war that has changed lives, altered the city’s visual landscape and left behind scars that’ll take centuries to heal. Every effort to help the country revive and keep afloat is appreciated. In this noble effort, the United24 charity has launched a second wave of raising money to help rebuild the nation that’s dealing with the invasion by Russia.

Last year’s initiative raised nearly $375,000 and the second wave of charity should be even better. This time, United24 has launched five sets created by LEGO builders from four countries across the globe. These include Eric Law and Mark Segedie from the US, Daniel Seidl from Germany, Maciej Kocot from Poland, and Aleksander Yermolaev from Ukraine.

Designer: United24

The passionate creators of these LEGO sets were all humbled by the opportunity of this endeavor. Maciej who created The Khan Palace replica is proud of the Crimean culture, while Segedie from the USA chose the Pidhirtsi Castle for its balanced mix of Ukrainian history and his passion for building castles. According to Yaroslava Gres, UNITED24 Coordinator, “We are very grateful to these LEGO creators, who not only responded to UNITED24’s appeal but also took the initiative in choosing architectural objects. Despite the fact that some of them had never been to Ukraine, everyone managed to recreate each of the five landmarks in great detail. We will continue to keep the focus of international audiences on Ukraine.”

The hashtag fuelling this initiative is “UKRAINEinLEGOBricks. These exclusive sets are based on famous landmarks from all over Ukraine. These include Lviv in the west, the capital Kyiv in central Ukraine, and Odesa, Mykolaiv, and Crimea in the south on the Black Sea. The limited edition sets are not for sale but lucky users can win one of them by donating $24 or more towards reconstruction of a school in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast. Mind you, only 15 of these are in total – three of each model – slated to be raffled out through the fundraiser till June 20.